A downloadable game

Taken directly from the Steam concept page:

The year is 2303, you are a simple Klube, on Planet HC5. Your world is in a state of emergency, a reactor that powers the cooling system with pipes around 95% of the planet, is overheating and failing. Which in turn means the cooling system is failing. Your kind is very sensitive to heat, and must stay cool or you will be sure to die within hours of being exposed to heat over 75° F. The area around the reactor is much above 150°, and unless you have a coolant suit, you cannot survive getting within 500 feet of the reactor. You are one of the very few Klubes that have access to a coolent suit. You decide to try to cool down the reactor, but along the way the enemy of your kind, the Kalos, attack. Your entire family is killed when a bomb being carried by your towns small defense team is exploded by one single shot from a Kalo Soldier. You are now the only one left of your family. Kalo Soldiers are everywhere, and are sure to try to stop you. They mainly are trying to slow you down, so they can try to forcibly make the reactor fail and explode. That explosion is set for 3 hours from the time you are at now.

- StaticCode (T.K.)

PS: This game is not even close to being playable. This version is here to give an idea of what the game will look like. I will be updated every time something new is added. If you would like to donate I would really appreciate it! The money will go towards getting better programs for the game creation. Thank you for reading!